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Kim Kardashian Is The Apple Of Oj Simpson?s Eye? He?s ?obsessed? With ?kuwtk? Star

Celebuzz goes so far as to say that the pics O.J. has in his cell are nude booty pics . He has several sexy pictures of Kim hanging up in his prison cell from her 2007 Playboy shot and he isnt shy about showing her picture to fellow inmates. Kim Kardashian might be married to Kanye West, but that doesnt mean that O.J. cant talk about his crush what else does he have to do in prison, anyway? Apparently O.J. jokes about his feelings for Kim quite a bit, saying things like Kim likes black ball players so that makes him a great match for her (forget the fact that hes 67-years-old). And, really, who knows if hes really just joking? As long as I am in prison, I cant be with her so Kanye can have her for now. But when I get out shes mine She likes black ball players, I am a Hall of Famer and I still have my Heisman award. Kim has known O.J.

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