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Welcome Back: Charlie Sheen Will Allow Ex-wife Brooke Mueller To Move Back Into Mansion In His Neighborhood

Sheen and Mueller had been at the center of a bitter custody fight ever visit this page since the Palm Beach socialite, 36, was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at the UCLA Medical Center in May last year amid her ongoing abuse of drugs . PHOTOS: Meet The Parents! Hollywoods Best & Worst Moms And Dads In the wake of Muellers subsequent rehabilitation , Sheens second ex-wife Denise Richards , 42, took custody of Bob and Max until she relinquished the role because of what she said was their worrying transformed from kind and loving young boys to zombie-like individuals who exhibit extreme violent Farrah sextape mood swings and violent behavior. Sheen has since turned onRichards, who he blasted as a pig and media ho in a degrading Twitter tirade earlier this year. At the same time, a fragile peace broke out between the Anger Management star and Mueller after the mother-of-two allowed her Sheen to visit their twin sons in the presence of his porn star fiancee Brett Rossi and a monitor in January. PHOTOS: The House That Sheen Built: Check Out Where Charlies Ex & Kids Are Living Brett loves spending time with the boys and has gone swimming with them in Charlies pool, said one source. It wouldnt surprise anyone if she were to become pregnant as she and Charlie have already talked about starting a family together. Meanwhile, a court appearance had been Farrah Abraham sextape scheduled in family court for the Sheen-Mueller case on Wednesday. PHOTOS: Heroin Addicts, Coke Fiends & Celebrity Stoners Hollywood Drug Dealers Tell All!
More http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/02/charlie-sheen-allow-ex-wife-brooke-mueller-move-back-mansion-neighborhood/

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