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Glee Actress Meets 2014 Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis (photo)

go to website Vanessa Lengies With Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis and Blake Lee Indeed, Vanessa Lengies is the star of a new ABC sitcomMixology , premiering next month. Go, Vanessa! full size Credit: Twitter And because there's never anything wrong with a little ABC synergy, Juan Pablo posted a pic of himself hanging out internet with Vanessa and one of Vanessa'sMixologyco-stars, Blake Lee. "CHILLIN with @littlelengies and @blakeleeblake form MIXOLOGY..." Juan Pablo captions the pic. "Can't wait to WATCH it..." Now, as you might know, Juan Pablo was in the news quite a bit this weekend, as he caught some flak for comments he made about how there shouldn't be a gay Bachelor , which he later apologized for . And so when people tweeted at Vanessa about his remarks, she quickly responded. "Please accept my apologies for any offense the picture had," Vanessa writes about Juan Pablo's comments. "I'm very sorry.
More http://www.wetpaint.com/glee/articles/2014-01-20-meets-bachelor-juan-pablo-galavis

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