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Music Changes Everything: Journey To G-snacks

New drama series from Hallmark King and Rick Chymes are just a few inspirations for Traverse City native, Erik Griffin. Graduating from Western in Kalamazoo with Business Economics and currently working with his father in the family business, Eriks first love was the trumpet, now the electric and acoustic guitar. I would love to make a living playing music, Erik stated, Create music that will stay around for years, you know, like those classics. At ten, the trumpet lasted Erik up until he discovered guitar in high school more and jamming every hour with Kellen for credit. It was high school when he learned he wanted to tour with bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus and perform. Do something youre passionate about, Erik said, and stick with it. Jimmy Olson, Keyboard & Vocals Listening to his dads old Jazz records, Jimmy Olson enjoys singing the blues away to musicians like Jimmy Hendrix, The Beatles, Prince, No Effects and Smashing Pumpkins. Music has always made me feel better, rather than worse, Jimmy stated, theres something about the array of colors and possibilities of tones mixed with the infinite ocean of rhythms that I just cant get enough of. Attending the Music Institute for one-year in California, on a mission to find himself, Jimmy returned to Northern Michigan to attend Interlochen Center for the Arts, where he performed and honed his skills for the keyboard, drums, guitar and voice. Life and music are a mystery to me. Jimmy said, They are both things of wonderment, like wired dreams that you cant remember or understand, or explain. Now-a-days, during performances or in support of another local band, you can often find this journeyed mind creating moves on the dance floor. The beat has always made me move. I think its almost as infinite as outer space yet there are similarities in every aspect. Think outside the box on that one.
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