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Scarlett Johansson & Her Fancy French Fiancé "have No Need For Words!" Ooh La La!

Romain speaks Farrah Abraham good English, but, you know, we have no need for words!" Hey, most communication between people is done non-verbally! A glance here, a grunt there, and you pretty much get the idea of what most people are saying. Or perhaps Scarlett hires interpreters on dates, and every conversation takes about four times as long! Either way, it's oddly romantic, and it's nice that Farrah Abraham Romain has opted to speak English to Scarlett. Yet another example of the French surrendering! JK, we're all Francophiles (Both James Francos and the French)!
Full story: http://perezhilton.com/2013-12-17-scarlett-johansson-french-fiance-no-need-words-language-barrier

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